Thursday, May 24, 2012

What girl doesn't like a STUD or two??(maybe even more!)

Lately, I've been LOVING stud earrings. Target has become my go to place recently. I've started entertaining the idea of checking out their jewels when I moved to the middle of no where, PA and "trendy" stores are not really trending. I also don't like shopping online because I like to feel my studs, play around with them, & check out their size before purchasing :)

Target always has cute very affordable on trend jewelry & scarfs! As for the quality, I've noticed it's better than Forever 21 (the disposable store), H&M (the fit skinny minis only store), or other "trendy" less costly places.

I definitely recommend checking them out. I bought the ones shown in the pictures below recently so they should still be available in stores.

Currently wearing the cupcake bling ones and they're just so flipping adorable!!!