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GLOSSYBOX-July, 2012

GLOSSYBOX-July, 2012-Summer Nights

What is it?!

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription which recently became available to the United States.  It is available in 15 other countries worldwide.  For $21.00 a month you get a box filled with 5 luxury travel to full sized beauty products.  Glossybox features the crème de la crème of international brands.  They also have a different theme each month, which is fun, and for July its Summer Nights.


What it Looks like:

Double the Fun! This month, I received two boxes (long story), not complaining :)

The box is pretty, pink, re-usable and stackable

 I really can't describe the excitement I feel when I see this! The suspense and promise of goodies inside is quite gratifying :)

The GlossyMag July2012 edition


1-ALESSANDRO INTERNATIONAL-Pedix Heel Rescue Balm.  Price of Full Size $18.50/100ml
This foot cream oil imported exclusively from Germany provides intensive protection and nourishes skin, leaving it soft and supple.

 Well Grüß dich Germany! Very intense refreshing peppermint scent!  Since its an oil, I intend to use it before I go to bed or maybe rub it on my feet and wear a sock for maximum absorption, by my foot hopefully, and not the sock.  I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I wish it came with directions.  Very excited to use nonetheless.  My feet need more care in the summer because I'm either in sandals, flip flops or bare foot.

2&3-SEBASTIAN-Color ignite Multi Tone Shampoo and Conditioner.  Price of Full Size $14.94/8.4 oz for the Shampoo and $16.95/6.6 oz for the Conditioner
The Shampoo claims to be a smart color moisture complex that targets your color-treated strands, to deeply moisturize and restructure hair fibers wherever needed most.
The Conditioner claims to be a micro-bubble conditioner which whips, wraps and wows your strands leaving your hair with long-lasting color and vibrant shine.

I tried these and the lather on the shampoo is heavenly.  The claims they make regarding its color mooisture hoopla is irrelevant to me.  I love the smell and the later.  Left my hair feeling clean light and fresh.
As for the conditioner, its not bubbly.  More like a moose.  It smells like nothing with a hint or aerosol.  Did feel smooth, I guess.  Didn't love the conditioner.  Its a little strange because its not creamy so I felt like I needed more and more product.  Its also meant to target light color-treated hair.  My hair is jet black.  I will certainly use it up, but don't think I would re-purchase.   

4-FIGS & ROUGE-LIP, FACE & BODY BALM $6.00/0.26 oz
The gorgeous tin is filled with a 100% pure and natural skin balm, a multi-use wonder product that will keep your skin feeling soft and beautiful throughout the day.  

Honestly, this tin could have been empty for all I cared and I would have absolutely fell in love with it.  It might possibly be the cutest packaging ever.  I love having it in my makeup bag and whipping it out throughout the day to moisturize my pout.  The rose scent was a little different at first, but it grew on me.  Its very nice.  A little bit goes a long way, so use with caution.  I'm not sure I am brave enough to use in on my face, or body.  I think I want to just enjoy it as a lip balm.  Would definitely re-purchase and gladly explore more scents and delicious flavors.  Great discovery!

5-SENNA COSMETICS-Mineral Eye Shadow Trio.  $24.00/0.14oz
This silky pressed mineral eye shadow trip in metallic or matte colors claims to give you a hypnotic yet polished finished with amazing dimension.


Pigmented, silky, pretty colors, full size product! Love it, will use and enjoy!

*-A Special surprise treat for me!: BLUSHED fragrance by RUDDY WATER. Price of full size is $22.00/24pouches
The card says:Blushed features notes of bright red currant and rich vanilla, wrapped around subtle sweet lemon, slightly spicy ginger, and kissed with a hint of sugar.  Take, tuck or share this fragranced towelette.  It's scent will make you blush.

 What a cute and fun idea! Its a scented towelette.  This would be great to tuck away in a closet or a weekend bag/luggage to keep your clothes smelling great!  It was neat trying this before reading the card because I wasn't expecting a towelette.  It's like a baby wipe for divas! Excited to try more scents.

** Favorite item in the box**

This Figs and Rouge balm has become a staple item in my makeup bag.  Makes my work days more joyous and rosy :) 


FTC-This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own


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  1. Oh yay!!! SO excited to read this review... I haven't gotten mine yet, but your goodies are look amazing. I hope I get the Figs and Rouge balm in mine too. Hope you are well :)


  2. They are!! Glad you enjoyed it, looking forward to seeing yours!. The other box has amazing goodies as well!!! i'm loving glossybox so far :)

    Hope all is well with you too!!

    ~leila :)

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