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GLOSSYBOX-June, 2012

GLOSSYBOX-June, 2012-Summer Simplicity


What is it?!

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription which recently became available to the United States.  It is available in 15 other countries worldwide.  For $21.00 a month you get a box filled with 5 luxury travel to full sized beauty products.  Glossybox features the crème de la crème of international brands.  They also have a different theme each month, which is fun, and for June its Summer Simplicity.


What it Looks like:

The day my first GLOSSYBOX arrived, the mail man turned into the fairy god mother I've always wanted 

The packaging is so elegant. 

The box is pretty, pink and re-usable

 The goodies inside the box!

The GlossyMag July2012 edition


1-BEAUTYADDICTS-Show-OFF mascara.  Price of Full Size $20.00/.39 oz
This unique formula with argon oil claims to give your lashes an intense, dramatic look without clumps or smudges

I like me a wand with some serious curve action!

 How did they know I needed a mascara?! I legit had mine for about over eight months now.  I heard you're supposed to switch them out every three-to four months (please correct me if I'm wrong).  I should really follow this rule considering my eyes are super dry, sensitive AND I wear lenses.  So Glossybox, my eyes thank you for saving them from the abuse and overuse of my old mascara. 

2-FIRST AID BEAUTY-Smooth Shave Cream.  Price of Full Size $16.50/6.8 oz

Smooth Shave Cream claims to be a gentle non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-Lasting shave. 

I tried this already and its fabulous.  The consistency is thick and creamy, almost like a lotion.  Its unscented which is not up my alley, but the rewards of being silky smooth certainly out way the scent-free aspect.  I will certainly be using and enjoying this 'till the last creamy drop!

3-Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream Price of Full Size $98.00/1.7 oz
Claims to erase the years from your face with elastin-strengthening technology that visibly transforms and contours your skin. 

I'm in my late twenties. Dabbling in anti-wrinkle creams and trying products out is probably a good idea so I am well repaired.  I should also start preparing a savings account if my face-cream is going to cost $98.00! 

2-SHEA TERRA ORGANICS-Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme Price of Full Size $18.00/9oz
This moisturizing cream for the whole body is made with 30% organic shea butter, so it claims to leave your skim smooth and soft.  
in Lavender
This product is 99.7% Natural! I liked how they noted that, so close but not quite a 100%! The packaging says "No hype.  Just a LOT of the good stuff." I really couldn't agree more.  Its probably the best body butter I remember using and I definitely plan on repurchasing.  I think the price is reasonable for the quality of this product.

5-WELLA PROFESSIONALS-Enrich Moisturizing Treatment
The card says "Create free flowing hair with this lightweight treatment containing silk extract that instantly restores your mane." 

The Formula does feel light and it smells like clean shampoo.  I am looking forward to using this up.  My hair can always use some TLC, despite the fact that its not fine or normal :p

*-A Special surprise treat for me!: Urban Organic perfume sample. Price of full size is $65.00/0.41oz
The card says: Take a walk in the park with this delicious daytime fragrance.  Urban Organic from a PERFUME ORGANIC.  This combination of lavender and grapefruit makes for a fresh and citric scent.

 This perfume is very pungent.  It smells like an expensive day spa oil they use to rub you down.  I dabbed it on at night after taking a bath because I find the scent of lavender to be relaxing.  I prefer lighter scents so although this is lovely, its not really my taste.  I will use up the sample but would not purchase the full size.

** Favorite item in the box**

BeautyAddicts-Show off mascara

I am really excited about this because I was in the market for a new one and this is perfect for me! its black, smudge proof, has a curved wand. itt costs $20.00 on its own which is almost the cost of the entire box!

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  1. Wow looks like some great products, especially the mascara.

    1. I love it! Have been wearing it everyday...cant wait for next months box :)!!

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  3. I wasn't the biggest fan of the perfume either! Glad I wasn't alone. Also, the shea butter looks amazing and I didn't get that in mine. I am going to try it out. Great review!! :)

    1. I use the shea butter on my feet and they feel like I just got a pedi!! I want to try the other scents .. Really enjoyed reading your post!

  4. The mascara look so fabulous! What a great wand.
    Great post! I really enjoyed it.
    -Angela, from the Lipstick Clique (thelipstickclique.blogspot.com) come check out our blog if you're interested!

    1. Thank you!! Love the mascara :) ... now following you. Great blog!