Saturday, January 18, 2014

State of Wonder -A spoiler free book review

State of Wonder by Anne Patchett
NYT Best Seller 

Would I recommend this book to a friend?

Is it a page flipper/easy read?


Spoiler free summary:

This book is about a woman who works for a pharmaceutical company. After receiving little information about the death of a coworker who was sent to the amazon to get a status update on a drug discovery project, she's told by her boss/lover to go there and find out what happened. 

Her journey into the jungle leads her to amazing discoveries not just about the death of her friend but also the drug discovery project, the locals, and the amazon as a whole. 

The book is very sciencey and well written. It's so descriptive and really sucked me in. The ending however, didn't bring full closure to everything. Maybe the author wanted to leave the option for a sequel. If that's the case, I certainly look forward to reading it. 

Hope you found this helpful. 



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Review-To Heaven and Back

This book was amazing. It's about a woman who has a near death experience and recounts her story. It was a fast and very interesting read. 

I believe in God heaven and an afterlife so I find these kinda of books to be intriguing and believable. 

I would recommend this book if you're open minded to the idea of heaven, angels, and some Jesus talk. 



Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Makeup sugar Skull

I was flattered when my coworker and friend Michelle asked me to do her Halloween makeup. Although I'm a makeup hoarder, I in no way shape or form knew what I was doing. Nonetheless, the results are worth sharing. 

Hope you enjoyed!!



Sunday, October 13, 2013

*Claws for a Cause*

Essie in PINK works 

Essie's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Glossybox August 2013

Let me start by saying, I have a love-hate relationship with Glossybox. The products they include and the packaging is amazing, but their customer service certainly has a vast opportunity for improvement. Last month, I was completely fed up when my box was "accidentally" shipped to some random state far, far away. 

After numerous failed attempts to try and get a hold of customer service, I decided to cancel my subscription. I e-mailed them to let them know my box is homeless in some rando post office God knows where :( 

Three or FOUR days later, someone e-mailed me back apologizing and saying another box will ship. Then a few days later it came!! Seeing the box reminded me how much I love receiving them. I forgive you Glossybox, but for the love of God get your ish together. 

Without further rambling, this is what came in my box!! 

A cute Guess/Glossybox makeup pouch!! I think this was just an added bonus because it wasn't placed inside the actual box. 

A completely useless coupon since I ended up getting the box ON September 11. 

That's what the inside looked like. 
Pictures of all the items included in this months box. 
Description and prices of all items included. Everything in the August box was full size! Pretty amazing. 
My goodies 
I'm not a lipstick gal but this is more like a gloss with a little color. I love it and would wear it. Maybe in the summer or if I go on vacation somewhere warm though. 

Full size C weed pressed powder. Holler!

Hair mask. Very much needed and always appreciated. 

Dual eyeshadow. Swatches below. Very nice. I would definitely wear these. 

And last but not least is a face spray 

That's all. The overall sentiment is good product selection, but bad customer service. 



Monday, September 9, 2013

*Fall 2013 Nail Polish*

Here are some pics and swatches from some of my favorite nail polish brands for the season! To see more, be sure to follow me on Instagram @abuilool 

Essie smokin hott


Please leave comments, blog links and IG usernames below. Hope you enjoyed!



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Makeup 2013

I went to the Mac store in search of fall makeup. I wanted matte warm tones. 

Unfortunately the collection above was too dark according to the Mac makeup artist. He suggested the items below for my skin tone and I left pretty pleased. 

This is the blush. Please excuse my naked nails! 

It's a gorgeous matte warm color. Exactly what I was looking for. 

In Desert rose. I wanted a matching lipglAss so he suggested this

It's actually a cremesheen glass. I really like the formula because it gives a nice gloss and hint of color without being sticky or overpowering. It's in the color deelight. 

This is what they look like on :

These are the fall makeup colors I picked up which work for me. Everyone's skin and color is different so when looking for new goodies find a store with helpful makeup artists who will make suggestions without being pushy. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog and I wish you a very happy fall!!!