Thursday, June 28, 2012



**I went Shopping**

I like looking at HAUL blogs, so I thought I would do one.  It'll be a good preview for some of the products I will be reviewing

***Bath & Body Works***

Its their Semi-Annual Sale and I was good :)
I got:-
1.PocketBac in Bee Good (does not smell like alcohol, just vanilla! I love it and the scent lingers on your hands long after you use it)
2.Candle in Summer Boardwalk (smells like sugar, ice cream and coziness)
3.Bumble bee PocketBac holder (OMG! its magnetic, perfect for work) and it has little sparkles on the wings.  So cute & summery!
4.A FREE SHIPPING COUPON! I think I'll be using and abusing it.  If it can be used multiple times, I'll be sure to share the code.  (I don't think they'll mind :p)

He hangs out above my computer at work :)


I got:-
1.El cheapo makeup remover wipes (they get the job done)
2.GUM (cuz funky breath is not cute ladies)
3.This all natural, vegan, hair dye (Product Review)
4.Felt Tip Wet n' Wild Eyeliner in black (I've been on the hunt for a good one and so far so good)


I didn't use special affects on this photo, this is just how Sephora products look when I bring them home
I got:-
1.The Pretty Committee by Benefit 
3.Urban Decays De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray (Freebie with my beauty insider points!)
*The lady also gave me the original Urban Decay Eye Primer to try*

I will review all these items.  One item in particular is going to a lucky Follower, because I already have one.  Check out my Bella Bamba Giveaway

One for me, One for who?!!!!

             ftc-I purchased these products.  All opinions are my own.


Do you do beauty Blog Hauls, if so please leave me the link, I'd love to check them out! Also, anything here catch your eye? have you used any of these products? would you recommend them?
Cant wait to read your comments/feedback!!



  1. Oooh! Looks like you had a fun shopping day! :)

    I'm having a $20 gift card giveaway on my blog, check it out if you're interested :)

  2. I love shopping :) !!!!!! I'll check out your giveaway now :)

  3. I love Sephora.! And I see that you did big shopping. I followed you, and if you want you can do the same.:)

  4. me too!! Thanks for the follow :) I'll follow you back :)


  5. Loveee Sephora!!! I also use those Bath & Body Works products.. Totally recommended!... Like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

    1. yes, of course! I would love to. Heading on over to follow you now :)


  6. I want The Pretty Commitee set so bad! But I am on a spending ban right now to use up what I have. I love the editing you do of your pictures it's so different...but in a good way

    :) Chelsey
    My Beauty Full Adventure